Friday, 29 March 2013

Blish Juveniles

Robert Heinlein wrote twelve Scribner Juveniles and two juveniles from Putnam. Five of the Scribner Juveniles are closely linked to Heinlein's five volume Future History.

James Blish, a successor of Heinlein, wrote five juveniles: three Haertel-related; one Okie; one contemporary. The Okie juvenile is an integral part of Blish's Cities In Flight future history. Thus, a younger reader might read the five juveniles, then proceed from them to the future history.

The range of science fiction is shown by the fact that the Foreword to The Star Dwellers, a Haertel-related juvenile, discusses biology whereas the Foreword to its sequel, Mission To The Heart Stars, discusses society.

Having reread Cities In Flight, I am starting to reread The Star Dwellers. We get used to Blish's spindizzy-powered flying cities although in fact they fly in only two volumes of one tetralogy. In The Star Dwellers, we return to Haertel overdrive spaceships but also to energy beings inhabiting and propelling themselves through interstellar space.

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