Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Haertel Scholium Connections

A Martian Diptych
Welcome To Mars and "No Jokes on Mars" have a common setting.

The Galactic Cluster Trilogy
"This Earth of Hours" refers back to "Nor Iron Bars" which refers back to "Common Time."

The Heart Stars Trilogy
Both Mission To The Heart Stars and "A Dusk of Idols" refer back to The Star Dwellers.

The Quincunx Trilogy
Midsummer Century refers back to The Quincunx Of Time which refers forward to "A Style In Treason" and to Midsummer Century.

Adolph Haertel is in Welcome To Mars and "Common Time."
Jack Loftus is in The Star Dwellers and Mission To The Heart Stars.
Thor Wald is in The Quincunx Of Time and mentioned in Midsummer Century.
In Quincunx, Wald invents the Dirac transmitter which exists in a different form in Cities In Flight.

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