Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Year 2018!

We have just received Radio Times, 6-12 January 2018, with 2018 in large numbers on the front cover but I can only find this film guide on google.

Year 2018! was the title of a paperback edition of James Blish's Cities In Flight, Volume I, discussed in:

Cities In Flight, Volume I
Bliss Wagoner
The Structure Of They Shall Have Stars

We have passed 1984, 2000 A.D. and 2001 and are about to enter 2018, a big year for fans of James Blish.


  1. Aren't anti-agathics supposed to be invented this year?

  2. Joseph,
    "2018. Bliss Wagoner re-elected. Discovery of ascomycin."
    -James Blish, YEAR 2018! (London, 1964), p. 157.
    Ascomycin is an antiagathic.
    Go with God,