Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Proposed Publication Schedule

I now suggest that this is how James Blish's major works could be republished:

Haertel Scholium
Boxed set, seven paperbacks, none long, in fact three very short, colour coded covers.

Haertel Diptych 1: Welcome To Mars.
Haertel Diptych 2: The Galactic Cluster Trilogy.

Loftus Diptych 1: The Star Dwellers.
Loftus Diptych 2: Mission To The Heart Stars.

Wald/Dirac Diptych 1: The Quincunx Of Time.
Wald/Dirac Diptych 2: Midsummer Century.

Coda: Anywhen, minus the completely unconnected story, "None So Blind".

(Midsummer Century is "Haertel Scholium" because it refers to Wald who refers to Haertel.)

After Such Knowledge
Boxed set, three paperbacks. The cover of A Case Of Conscience should show that it is Volume III and also "Haertel Scholium".

Cities In Flight
Boxed set, four paperbacks.

The Seedling Stars
One volume.

Possible Covers

Haertel 1: Young Haertel before the last Martian.
Haertel 2: Older Haertel with Garrard.

Loftus 1: Jack watching Angels congregate in the Coal Sack.
Loftus 2: Jack before the eight foot plus Hegemon.

Wald 1: Wald viewing the Anywhen cover on a Dirac screen.
Wald 2: Martels falling down the telescope of time.

Coda: a map of the galaxy divided between High Earth and Green Exarchy, with a cameo of an Earthman before an eighteen foot Chandalese.

After Such Knowledge I: Roger Bacon before the giant army of Antichrist.
After Such Knowledge II, split cover: the magicians before the Goat seated on an altar/the magicians before the upper part of Satan's body in Pandemonium.
After Such Knowledge III: an Earthman before a twelve foot Lithian.

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