Friday, 5 April 2013

Two Haertels; Four Histories

There are two versions of James Blish's fictitious character, Adolph Haertel:

Haertel I appears in "Common Time" and is referred to in the divergent timelines of "Nor Iron Bars," A Case Of Conscience and the Jack Loftus diptych;

Haertel II appears in Welcome To Mars and is referred to in The Quincunx Of Time.

In 2011, Haertel I showed that Einstein's relativity was only a special case of Milne's which was only a special case of Haertel's. The faster-than-light overdrive was constructed in 2030 as a result of "...Haertel's pencil-and-paper achievement..." (Mission To The Heart Stars, London, 1980, p. 48).

Haertel II's achievement was not merely with pencil and paper. At the age of seventeen, he discovered antigravity and flew a tree hut to Mars. Since The Quincunx Of Time describes Haertel as having made an important discovery at seventeen, I identify the Haertels of these two novels rather than postulating a third.

Haertel is referred to in different timelines just as we can expect Einstein to be.

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