Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I am currently running out of steam on this blog. I have enjoyed rereading and posting about the bulk of James Blish's interstellar novels and series. However, I am approaching a limit in this direction at present.

Next week, I will be away from a computer Monday to Friday. My reading matter will be a Poul Anderson short story, two Inspector Montalbano novels and some extracts from Caesar in the original with a Latin dictionary and grammar book as back up for the Caesar.

Having, before this blog started, written articles on Blish's After Such Knowledge Trilogy and his interconnected series, I did not expect to get back into rereading Cities In Flight, the Haertel Scholium and The Seedling Stars in such detail and this by no means exhausts Blish's works but it is probably as much as I am going to address for a while.

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