Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Three Diptychs

Of the three diptychs identified in the previous post - Haertel, Loftus and "Dirac":

each presents a different hostile interstellar empire - Central Empire, Heart Stars and Green Exarchy;

Haertel encounters Martians whereas they are long extinct for Loftus and not mentioned by "Dirac";

the Martian "canals" are natural for Haertel but artificial for Loftus;

Haertel appears in the first diptych and is mentioned in the other two;

his space drive is anti-gravitic in the Haertel diptych but powered by a hydrogen-fuelled Nernst generator in the Loftus diptych.

Alternative possibilities are explored systematically. Today, I will be away from a computer but will finish rereading the Haertel novel, Welcome To Mars.

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